Exercise Equipment for Seniors Seniors Exercise Needs
Exercise Equipment for Seniors
Exercise Workout for Seniors

Customer Testimonials

“Iíve been coming for many, many years and Iím so impressed with this†new equipment. I love it! The water machines. I find a†completely different feel from what the old machines were. I think itís fantastic. I canít wait to get back in†there.”

- Barbara Reysick

“Iíve been coming to FIT Express for probably 13 years and itís one of the†only things that keeps me coming back because itís a fun workout. I like the machines. I like working on†the machines. You can work as hard as you want or as easy as you wantÖbut itís just fun. Iíve come†back for that reason.”

- Linda Ferris

“After heart bypasses and a broken leg on December 4, 2006, I find these circular machines do a lot more for me than just one stationary job which does not allow you to work all the muscles that are necessary for 100 percent benefit. And as you circle around and encompass all of those machines and they bring out the best of all the muscles, which is much more beneficial to me.”

- Bruce Baine

“Iím 81 years of age and during the last five years Iíve been exercising with the fluid machines and I find them to help me tremendously. I have been detected as having Parkinsonís Disease and I have indicated to the doctors and others that have an early-formed disease that the exercises that I am attending to three times a week cause me to have greater balance, cause me to have greater strength. At one time I was considered to be one of the great fallers in our community because I would fall so often. Today, with my continuing attendance I find that all of that has been relieved and I attribute to the machines and the exercise that Iím involved in every week. Thank you.”

- Harry Layne

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Seniors Health Needs

The Baby Boomer population, Seniors, has reached an all time high at 33%. With lifestyle diseases for amercian adults so prevalent, with obesity at 67%, hypertension at 32%, and arthritis at 23%, improving health is more important than ever. In a 2005 poll aging adults said that losing their health was the top concern (73%). Fit Express seeks to change this by using their hydraulic fitness equipment to make a significant advancement towards obesity and health among the rapidly growing Baby Boomer population, as well as those with joint, muscle, and other special conditions.


Exercise Program for Seniors

Our custom workout program called Fluid Interval Training (FIT) is the perfect solution for seniors looking to safely and effectively exercise and get cardio, functional strength, and joint range-of-motion benefits. The FIT exercise program was designed specifically to work alongside the Fit Express hydraulic exercise equipment and is included for free with the purchase of the equipment.


Seniors Exercise Equipment

Our custom and unique hydraulic exercise equipment was designed specifically to meet the needs of seniors and those with joint, muscle, and other special conditions.


  • Extremely safe
  • Very easy to use
  • Very easy on joints
  • Very little muscle soreness
  • Strengthens muscles and joints
  • Smooth movement like swimming, but offers more joint stability / muscle control
  • No need to wear revealing clothing
  • Addresses and accommodates to common seniors health needs
  • A more natural alternative
  • Excellent for cardio
  • Excellent for functional strength training
  • Industry leading manufacturer warranty