The F.I.T. Workout

  • 1) Start on any machine and warm up (low to medium setting) by gradually increasing speed and intensity. Warm up can be done continuously without rest intervals.
  • 2) After warmed up, increase speed and intensity of movements. Stay in target zone while moving exercise arm as fast and hard as possible
    Too Easy
    (No Challenge)
    Target Zone
    (Labored Breathing)
    Too Hard
    (Gasping for Breath)
  • Circuit Training Timer Fluid Interval Training3) Use the digital coach to create personal challenges and structured work/rest periods. Exercise when light goes green and chimes twice; rest or change machines when light goes red and chimes once.

Success Tips

  • Do as many sets (exercise bouts) as desired before changing machines.
  • For total body results use a variety of machines.
  • For optimal results, resistance setting can be changed daily, weekly or during the workout.
    Setting 1-2 = Cardio    Setting 3-4 = Muscle Endurance     Setting 5-6 = Strength
  • Settings (numbers) are for reference only. Your response to them is based on individual fitness and speed of movement.

  • If desired, any other type of exercise can be incorporated into the F.I.T. workout. See instructor if you want ideas on how to add variety to F.I.T.

Note: The 'Digital Coach' work/rest ratios are changed periodically to stimulate results and to avoid boredom. You always have the options to override the DC and use any work/rest ratios or sets/reps you desire.

The Science Behind The F.I.T. Workout